What do Safety engineers do?

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“Safety engineering is a discipline that provides acceptable levels of safety. It is strongly concerned with industrial engineering as well as subset of system safety engineering.”

The job outlook for this field is 6% from 2014 – 2023, which is considered to be average.

What does a Safety engineer do

Health and safety engineers are concerned with development of procedures and designing systems that are involved in precaution for people to get sick or injured. They are also responsible for the property to be safe i.e. from getting damaged. They implement the background knowledge of system engineering and of health and safety to make sure that things are working properly. These can include chemicals, machines, software, furniture and other consumer products. There primarily concern is to make sure that everything and everyone is on safe side.

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Work environment:

Safety engineers mostly work in offices. They pay visits after certain and regular intervals at worksites and make sure that everything is proper and working fine and there is no chance of harm.


Health and safety engineers do the following duties:

  • Review plans and specifications for new equipment and machines in order to make sure their safety.
  • Indicate the potential hazards as prediction by inspecting facilities, machinery and safety equipment.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of various machines.
  • Also ensure that products meet with health and safety regulations.
  • Review employee safety programs and recommended improvements.
  • Maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes.

Some of the additional duties include Aerospace safety works, fire prevention and protection, products safety, system safety and clean and safe environment ensureness etc.


How to be a Safety engineer:

In order to be a safety engineer, F.Sc pre engineering with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry with 60% marks or D.A.E in safety engineering with 50% marks is required. Moreover, one should be strong in Electronics, Mechanics, Civil works, Chemical studies and computer controls etc. Also, Industrial hygiene may be a suitable substitute where it is required.

Salary and Statistics:

A safety engineer can earn nearly average salary of 56,000$ to 84,000$. This highly depends on education, experience and personal capabilities. Moreover, on annual basis Safety engineers and Inspectors usually receive an average salary of 77,000 USD.



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