Read/Write human brain – OpenWater Project

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We may be able to upload/download and augment our memories, thoughts, and emotions with a ski-hat form factor, non-invasively.

Said by Mary Lou Jepsen.

Former Facebook executive Mary Lou says that we may able to see directly into other people brains. She named her project as Openwater.  She Further added, with a right technology, this project would not take more than a decade. In an interview with CNBC, she revealed, it may be completed in 8 years until telepathy.

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen – Founder & CEO Openwater

Previously she is working at Facebook with an objective of bringing virtual reality to next level. She was known for her co-project “one laptop per child” OPLC, a nonprofit venture, which had earned a revenue of $30B. She made her name entered in “Time 100”, an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time Magazine. In 2013, CNN called her among the top 10 technology thinker.
In 2016, she has started her Openwater project, the aim of which is to

create a wearable to enable us to see the inner workings of the body and brain at high resolution.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology

This wearable MRI technology enables the physician to look person’s brain and other parts of the body about events happening there. This venture also raises many concerns about the privacy of an individual. Jepsen tried to satisfy this concern with these words

We’re trying to make the hat only work if the individual wants it to work

Role of others in reading human brain

Not only openwater is trying to manufacture such system which is capable of reading human brain. Facebook is also working on it. Elon Musk a prominent name in technology has initiated a venture named as Neuralink with a budget of $100 million. Recently U.S. Defence DARPA has allocated $65 million for Brain Control Interface System.

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Benefits of Openwater project

This technology enables continuous scanning of the body and brain in the form of a true wearable the size of a ski-hat or bandage. Using novel opto-electronics we aim to replace the functionality of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) with a true wearable enabling constant monitoring. This helps in detection and treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, mental diseases, internal bleeding, and beyond

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