What is mining engineering and what do mining engineers do

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Mining engineering applies science and technology for the extraction of minerals from the earth. It is also associated with many disciplines including geology, metallurgy, surveying and geotechnical engineering.


Why one should choose Mining engineering:

This field is quite versatile and has huge scope in future as natural resources are required to be discovered in order to meet the daily consumption on global level. That is also the main reason that this field has relatively higher salaries than any other engineering field. The work is quite adventurous as you have to visit the natural places in order to explore the mine you are assigned. Moreover, the field will dominate by 2050 across the globe.



Mining engineering has always been one of the most significant field in human race. The ancient people use to find stones, ceramics and many other metals in the beginning of civilization. These materials were used to make tools and weapons in order to survive and hunting purposes as well. One of th example includes the Northern France that used to set fire and break rocks. Flint mines are also popular for chalk areas. Lion cave is one of the oldest known mine in Swaziland. It is about 42000 years old that contains iron. It was also ground the produce the red pigment ocher.

What do Mining engineers do?

Mining engineer works in a specific or all of the following tasks:

  • They investigate the mineral deposits and work with geologists. Also, evaluate whether mine will be profitable or not.
  • They look into the depths and determine that how much mineral is expected to be found in a certain mine.
  • They also work in planning and scheduling the mine using suitable mining method.
  • They are also responsible for selection of suitable equipment in order to precede the mining staff for a specific operation.
  • They are also responsible for safety and environmental conditions.
  • Take on responsibility and leadership for production crews and operational mine performance.
  • Conduct ongoing research aimed at improving efficiency and safety in mines.


Some Job positions of Mining engineers:

Mining engineers work as head officers of mining companies on mine planning and designing or overseeing the development of mining projects. A mining engineer can have the following post in a mining company:

  • Mine Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Operations Manager
  • Chief Executive
  • Mine Inspector / Government Inspector
  • Consultant
  • Investment Analyst and Advisor
  • General Manager
  • Service Provider
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Researcher
  • Production Superintendent
  • Minerals Processing Engineer
  • Mine Planner and Designer

How to be a Mining engineer:

In order to be a Mining engineer, F.Sc .pre engineering with minimum of 60% marks or equivalent D.A.E with 50% marks is required. Students also need to take cover mining operation, mine design, metallurgy, environmental sciences, geology, environmental reclamation and many other relevant subjects.

Salaries and Statistics:

Mining engineers usually earns high salaries as compared to other fields. The average income is about $15,250 per month. However, in developed countries the salary is about 90,070 USD per anum. It also varies from company to company as well as your experience and knowledge.


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