Computer Hardware Engineer job description | What do Computer Hardware Engineers do ?

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Accelerating technologies will lead to new careers for an ever-expanding number of college graduates. Some students interested in computer science may be interested in becoming computer hardware engineers due to a number of reasons including the computer hardware engineering salary. Software developers and computer programmers are similar in nature, although some people may be particularly interested in developing the computer equipment itself.

What do Computer Hardware Engineers do

A computer engineer does all the research, prototyping and testing that goes into computer’s hardware components such as keyboards, circuit cards, and memory chips. The work they do with computers is very much like the work an electrical engineer does; except it is focused entirely on the development, manufacturing, and testing of the many components that make up a computer.

Working on the hardware of a computer requires the right environment. The components of a computer can be delicate. Computer hardware engineers work in an office or a lab with a controlled environment. They must be able to perform diagnostic tests to check the productivity and workability of new models. The testing equipment can be sensitive to extreme temperatures as can the inner workings of the computer.

Let’s read some stuff about computer hardware engineer job description.

Computer Hardware Engineer Job Description

On the job, computer hardware engineers perform their duties within a team environment of fellow engineers and other workers. They are all tasked with successfully creating new computer equipment at nearly all stages of its development, from the blueprints of new models to the subsequent testing and analysis. In some cases, they may be involved with the way new hardware is manufactured, confirming that new software and hardware function concurrently. Much of their job will involve troubleshooting with the new hardware technology and try to update it in response to new observations.

Role of Engineering Consultant

An engineering consultant may also have to travel to various locations. This allows them to participate in training other computer hardware engineers. The consultant may also attend various conferences or seminars to keep up with the most recent developments in the hardware field. To stay informed on key issues extra time may be spent studying informational documents such as journals. This is a general overview of the responsibilities as well as the computer hardware engineer job description.

Computer Hardware Engineer Education Requirements

The minimum baseline education necessary to get any job in the computer hardware engineering field is a bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer engineering but alternately in electrical engineering. Having a master’s degree in computer engineering would certainly be advantageous for anyone entering the field. They would have more job opportunities available in a competitive job market, since larger firms and some specific jobs may only consider applicants with master’s degrees.

Computer hardware engineers who have business administration experience, particularly at the master’s level, are at a particular advantage in the job market. Engineers should ideally understand their own industry at all levels, from the technical to the business side of things. Graduates of ABET-accredited engineering programs are at an advantage. There are internships and on-the-job training programs available to people in college and recent college graduates that will give them more experience as they prepare for the job market, and give them a better idea of their future working environments.

Computer Hardware Engineer job description

computer hardware engineer job description

Computer Engineer must be skill-oriented 

As for hard skills, new entrants into the field will need to know computer programming and have a firm knowledge base involving math and science. There are many ‘soft’ skills that go into any job that no one can list on a resume as a tangible skill set, but will always inform their work. Computer hardware engineers must be creative individuals who are good at communicating, solving problems, evaluating evidence, and performing analyses. Technology changes quickly in modern times. Education and learning about new systems will always be ongoing for computer hardware engineers and everyone else who works in related fields.


Computer Hardware Engineer Salary

Computer hardware engineers will vary regarding their yearly salary, depending upon whether they work for the federal government, in research and development firms, in manufacturing firms, or in computer design firms directly. One way or another, computer hardware engineers who find consistent work should be able to secure middle-class to upper-middle-class earnings.

The highest paid computer hardware engineers earned six-figure salaries at just below one hundred fifty thousand dollars per year. Even at the low end, computer hardware engineers earned about sixty thousand dollars per year. Median wages in most sectors is about $111,730 per year. It makes engineers in general and computer hardware engineers in particular well paid. Their long hours and difficult work make their salaries well earned and well deserved.

Government Job is an advantage for Engineers

Computer hardware engineers who work for the government, in particular, may get excellent benefits alongside their large salaries, and different firms and organizations may make their offers to employees. Large institutions will probably offer the most competitive salaries and benefits while attracting some of the most competition. Places that rely on more outside funding, such as certain research and development firms, may pay slightly less than governmental positions and positions with private industry. Five times as many computer hardware engineers worked for manufacturing firms as worked for the government.

What do Computer Hardware Engineers do

What do Computer Hardware Engineers do

Computer Hardware Engineering Scope

One of the disadvantages of studying to be a computer hardware engineer is that the job growth is anticipated to be fairly slow. Employment of computer hardware engineers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2014 to 2024; because more technological innovation takes place with software than with hardware. Software engineers will have better prospects strictly because software moves faster than hardware technologically. The future is bright for the field overall.


Becoming a successful computer engineer in the workforce takes years of dedication, study, experience and training. This brief computer hardware engineer job description has covered the main aspects of the career and responsibilities you can expect to have.

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