What do computer engineers do

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Computer Engineering refers to the implementation and study which deals with joining the concepts of electronics engineering and computer science for developing top-notch computers and many devices which aim to solve many problems. Here we will discuss in details what do computer engineers do.
Computer Engineering also seeks to analyze the issues of various departments in which manual work is most likely to cause errors and mistakes. Once the issue has been interpreted, then by applying the concepts of computer sciences and hardware, such handy gadgets are developed which have the potential of not only maximizing the work throughput but also a systematic way to handle situations regarding error control and modification.

It must be understood here that computer engineering is not only limited to the software side. It covers the hardware studies as well. In fact, courses like Digital Logic Design and Hardware Analysis are deemed compulsory in every computer related degree and successful completion of the degree is attributed to the passing of these courses. Many comprehensive solutions yet to be discussed in the upcoming sections, resulted as a combined effort of software and hardware.

what do computer engineers do on a typical day


History of Computer Engineering:

Since it’s a newly born field of engineering, the very first degree in computer engineering was started in Western Reserve University, the United States in the year 1972. Prior of being accredited as a degree program, various advancements were made. It will be totally unfair not to mention the very first name that comes to mind while talking about the history of computers. Yes, we are talking about Charles Babbage, known as the father of the computer who invented the very first computer back in the 1800s. The very first computer laid the foundation for the successors to take the machine to where it is now. After Charles Babbage, many names came up and invented their versions of computers.

Mark-1 Computer

A pretty huge machine known by the name of Mark-1 was developed by a team of scientists at Harvard University. It was an electro-mechanical machine capable of simple mathematical crunching.

Then the world was introduced to another large and complex data crunching machine known by the name of Eniac. ENIAC was built by following the footsteps and knowledge put forward by Alan Turing, when he built Enigma during the world war. Soon after Enian, Edvac was there to startle the world with its working prowess and then there was Edsac.

With every new computer in the old times, was different from its predecessors not only in size and shape but also in their internal anatomy. This was the time when the world saw a major transition from vacuum tubes to transistors and then transistors to processors.

the first computer

How long does it take to become a computer engineer?

For a computer engineer to succeed in his life, he must have certain educational qualifications. A degree in bachelor of computer science is needed. A degree in Electrical Engineering is also needed.

Having a high school diploma can also be helpful. However the candidate must have a sound knowledge of computers, mathematics and statistics.

In order to acquire skills, working in an internship under is needed. The candidate must work under the guidance of the experienced professional.

Entry level positions are offered in the hardware engineering field. However plenty of experience is needed for the field. To acquire the position of a manager, training in business and administration is needed. A hardware engineer can get a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. Experience can be obtained in laboratories and classroom seminars. Classes on the study of circuit boards, electromagnetic, digital design and embedded systems are conducted.

A computer software engineer can be educated in computer science. Knowledge of computer languages is necessary. Certification courses are offered in C++, Java and XML. Sometimes candidates who do not have any experience in the field are recruited and trained by the companies. High school pass outs who wish to be employed should have knowledge of mathematics and computer science.

Computer programming courses can be taken in schools. If students are studying in a college, they can work in an internship with a software firm.Programming skills are acquired by the candidate, which can be achieved by going through the specific computer language training programs.

Courses needed for Computer Engineering and Certification

In order for a computer engineer to be successful, you must know what do computer engineers do to get some sort of motivation. It is also necessary for him to undergo courses in order to develop his skills and knowledge. The courses needed for computer engineering are

  1. Network designing
  2. Integrated Circuit Design
  3. Engineering computing
  4. Mathematics
  5. Dynamics
  6. Electrical circuit analysis
  7. Engineering mathematics
  8. Engineering computing

A certificate is necessary for a candidate in order to get employment at the companies. Certification courses are provided by the universities in the US. The certification programs are provided by the software firms or the product vendors. For a software engineer, creativity is very important. He must work with concepts and perform technical duties.

Career opportunities in Computer Engineering:

  • A promising career development and advancement is possible for candidates in this most demanding branch of engineering.
  • Numerous job vacancies are available for computer engineering professionals round the globe and their demand increases based on their experience levels.
  • Some of the most popular industries that employ software engineering professionals are software development, software applications, robotics applications development, financial services, and automobiles design and so on.
  • Few of the top employers in market that employ these most demanded professionals are Google Inc., Cisco systems Inc., International Business Machines (IBM) Corp., Microsoft Corp. and many more.
  • The above mentioned companies are top reputed and best in the software domain.
  • Out of all industry types the most rewarding career is offered by research and development(software) industry.

Requirements to start career in Computer Engineering:

  • Candidates who are interested to build their career as software engineer must have excellent track record in subjects like mathematics and science from schooling.
  • The candidate who desires to start his/her career in computer engineering must at least complete bachelors or master’s degree in computer engineering.
  • Software engineering branch is very demanding and competitive in nature that demands candidates to be ready learn new software technologies and have excellent technical skills sets.

Skills needed for a computer engineer

  • Communication skills are needed.
  • Interpersonal skills are required.
  • The ability to work in a team is needed.
  • Organizational development is needed.
  • Negotiation skills should be developed.
  • A productive work environment should be maintained.
  • Oral and written skills are needed.
  • The ability to design programs is needed.
  • Mathematical skills are very important for a computer engineer.

Difference between a Computer Engineer and a Computer Scientist:

Sometimes, computer engineering and computer science are termed as one field which is indeed wrong. Let it be clear that computer scientists are entitled to develop devices and algorithms for electrical engineering domain and software engineering domain. On the other hand, the computer engineers are expected to develop a software and then to burn it over a hardware component to make it work. Computer engineers are also involved in writing the firmware for various microprocessors and micro controllers.

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Latest Advancements in Computer Engineering:

With the advancements in computer science, many new fields have sprouted, and now man is conquering the domains once thought to be un-conquerable. Machine Learning and Digital Image Processing are the latest fields in computer and software engineering and have proven to be the foundation stones for many latest robotic and human gesture control breakthroughs.


How much a Computer Engineer Earns:

Mostly the employers are in need of hiring fresh graduates because they are more into practical work. According to a report from salary.com, the salary of a fresh computer engineering graduate in 2014 was between $45,000 and $75,000. The salary of a mid-level computer engineer with an additional master’s degree was ranged between $78,000 and $104,000 and that of a doctorate degree holder computer engineer was ranged between $102,000 and $155,000. Which is indeed lucrative.

Conclusion about what do computer engineers do:

To sum up, computer engineering is the field which demands 24/7 devotion and interest. If you are not interested in computer related things, don’t go for it. Same is the case with every field, but other fields accommodate the outliers but purely computer related degree like computer engineering, computer science and the like, simply outcast you and there is nothing left afterwards. Computer Engineering is one of the most interesting fields and its likely to welcome interesting and challenging minds for the solution of more and more problems. This is all about what do computer engineers do.

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